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Modern accounting

What we do

FoxKash is the independent cloud accounting service from Foxley Kingham, designed to give clients expert advice and support with online bookkeeping


The power that online bookkeeping has

When you’re starting out, and even as your business grows, staying on top of your bookkeeping and day-to-day accounts is an important part of staying in control. Good decisions are based on fact rather than guesswork and require discipline, as well as a certain amount of time and effort. However, in a lot of cases, this time and effort could be better spent on running the business and achieving your objectives, while a trusted professional takes care of the accounting issues.


What makes cloud so special?


Online accounting makes it easy to work with colleagues and share data with your advisers. You can connect your software to your business bank account to save time and money on data entry.


You can access your accounts at anytime from anywhere. This gives you the flexibility to run our business from anywhere and you can be confident you have an update to date picture of how your business is doing.


All of your accounting information is encrypted and saved to the cloud. Backs-ups and software updates become a thing of the past you are always logged into the most up to date version of the software.

Modern accounting

Will it save me time or money?

Cloud accounting brings the benefit of allowing you to access your information anywhere, so you are no longer tied to your office.  It also allows easy collaboration with your colleagues and advisors.  The beauty of cloud accounting is that it offers scope for business growth at reasonable entry level prices, and with automatic updates you can be assured you are using a secure system with the latest functionality.

efficient and cost-effective

Supported by real people

So if you’re still struggling with your own books (or not quite managing to get around to it) why not take a load off your mind and let us do it for you?

Our experienced bookkeeping team provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to allow you to focus on running your business, with the reassurance of knowing that your bookkeeping and VAT affairs are in the hands of our specialists. We’ll process your paperwork in a way that suits you and provide an accurate and up-to-date record of your business finances and performance in keeping with HMRC’s record keeping requirements and submission deadlines. We can also help you claim back all the VAT you’re entitled to.

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