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Modern accounting


Is this right for me?

Why is this better than traditional bookkeeping?

If you use traditional accounting systems, you will have the software installed on a server or desktop computer that can only be accessed onsite. Cloud accounting brings the benefit of allowing you to access your information anywhere, so you are no longer tied to your office. It also allows easy collaboration with your colleagues and advisors. The beauty of cloud accounting is that it offers scope for business growth at reasonable entry level prices, and with automatic updates you can be assured you are using a secure system with the latest functionality.

The benefits

Fit your business

Cloud based solutions are ideal for businesses with  fluctuating demands.


Users can have access to their data on the go 24/7  via any device they choose.


Information available on a more timely basis, enabling better decision making.


Advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled.

how does it work?

‘What’s my involvement?’

Embracing cloud accounting can revolutionise the way you run your business from facilitating remote working to improving efficiency.  We can guide you through the transition of selecting the right software, arranging the licence, training and moving your data onto the new platform.  You will learn how to use cloud software and as soon as you are happy to do so will start using that software for your accounts.

Join us

Our experts will get you set up

Step 01


Before doing anything, we’ll discuss your requirements and preferences. We’ll then make recommendations based on those requirements and provide a quote for our fees. If you’re happy with that – and people usually are – we’ll move onto the really exciting stuff.

Step 02


We make it easy to get set up with your online bookkeeping and cloud accounting system. In fact, we simply take care of it. Then, once everything is in place, we’ll give you and your team a guided tour so you can start exploring the features and options for yourself.

Step 03


It can take a while to really get to know a new system. That’s why we provide ongoing support through our friendly, expert advisers. You’ll never need to feel lost, confused or frustrated – just get in touch. We believe in cloud software and want you to get the most out of it.

Step 04


We’ll stay in touch, checking in to make sure your cloud setup is working for you and that FoxKash is providing the service you need. If we can offer more support in the efficient and effective running of your business, we always want to know about it.

Pricing structure

Pay for what you need

Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional yet cost-effective service. All our services are
tailored to suit your requirements. You decide how much or how little support you require
and then we agree on a fee.

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Get in touch with us today and we’ll talk to you about how we can support your business on its journey of growth and success.

If you’re new to accountancy, don’t worry, we know the right questions to ask to find out what you need, and we don’t talk industry jargon.

What clients think

“We have been working with FoxKash since February 2020. Irina and Helen are professional and helpful and a pleasure to work with – no fuss, cut to the chase and get the job done – perfect!”

– Lisa Kelly, Director Zebra Translations Limited

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